Tract Stars

Our Land Brokerage Team has represented landowners and buyers for over 27 years in getting the most value for their real estate investments. No other company is connected to the suburban Houston market northwest to College Station like Caldwell. Our deep roots in the communities we serve allow us to identify emerging areas and connect land owners looking to sell property with buyers and investors who have specific acquisition needs.

"Caldwell did a lot more than I expected them to do." 

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Caldwell strives to maintain the largest land-listing inventory of any real estate brokerage firm in the market. This is a big benefit for owners selling land – through our superior inventory of listings, your land receives greater exposure to potential buyers who know to start their land search with us. We typically represent over 200 land listings in our current available inventory.

Give us a call at 713.690.0000 to learn how we can serve your land brokerage needs.When an owner wants to maximize the value of their land, they count on Caldwell.