Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union banks on Caldwell to help their success.

Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union banks on Caldwell to help their success.

“When Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union first began in 1956, it was really just a shoe box in a desk drawer.” That’s how Cy-Fair FCU CEO Cameron Dickey characterizes his company’s humble beginnings. Today, the credit union is one of the area’s most stalwart financial institutions with plans of expanding from three to six branches by 2022.

However, before that can happen, some changes were in order. After working with the same real estate firm for decades, CFFCU were looking to go in a different direction. 

Our leasing and property management situation was ripe for reinvention,” Cameron says.

That’s when Caldwell came calling. 

“We always had high esteem for Caldwell’s values,” Cameron remembers. “But then they really got our attention with a creative marketing campaign that rose above the noise. That’s when we knew we really wanted to work with Caldwell.”

That was nearly a year ago. Since then, Caldwell’s leasing and management services have made some noticeable improvements. 

“Our building is very well kept…it has a neighborhood feel. Caldwell understands the importance of creating a sense of community,” says Cameron. “They’ve helped attract some very desirable tenants, and our tenants very much recognize the pivot to a higher standard of quality because of Caldwell.”

Cameron is quite pleased with all that Caldwell has done for Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union in such a short period of time. 

“They’re attentive, collaborative and extremely responsive. Going with Caldwell couldn’t have been a better change.”

If your leasing and management needs just aren’t being met, take it from Cameron and give Caldwell a call today.

“Caldwell’s professionalism and specialties make them a quality partner. I wish we’d made the change to them even sooner.” 

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